Kratos Modular I Street Light

Model  : 

Power    : _____________________________________

Lumen   : _____________________________________

Driver    : _____________________________________

Module : _____________________________________Download PDF
Input  : _____________________________________Download as draw
Output  : _____________________________________

Price   : _____________________________________

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Kratos Modular I from STRAHL is a new energy-saving and environmental friendly small luminare designed by considering small road lighting requirements and avoiding traditional lighting defects to achieve a high efficiency lighting output and good uniformity.
Kratos Modular I has many special characters, including using high power CREE LEDs, made by aluminum extrusive heat sink which enhances thermal conductivity and has a unique optical lens design which enable excellent efficacy and uniformity which make Kratos Modular I delivers very excellent performance in road illumination. Kratos Modular I designed as a best option for your path and garden at affordable price.

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