Kratos Mini SS Powerline Solution

Model  : 

Power    : _____________________________________

Lumen   : _____________________________________

Driver    : _____________________________________

Module : _____________________________________Download PDF
Input  : _____________________________________Download as draw
Output  : _____________________________________

Price   : _____________________________________

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KULON LMS by STRAHL provide extreme performance and reliability for fail-proof individual remote control of any luminaire type bringing adaptive lighting and is increasing or dimming the lights on demand. Professionally tailored on LMS collects various electricity data from lighting cabinet (current, power factor, cumulative power (kWh/kVAh), active and apparent power, voltages, etc) and then sends it to server via GSM/GPRS/EDGE mobile network. All the programming of central module of LMS is done remotely from the software. All created on/off/dimming schedules are stored in it so all equipment can operate without internet connection.

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