LED StreetlightLED Floodlight

STRAHL LED Streetlight feature reliable heat dissipation configuration, superior light distribution, high eficiency driver, and reasonable price.

STRAHL LED Floodlight are designed for a long lifetime and high efficiency without any maintenance. Mounting frame and bracket are made of stainless steel.

Solar SystemProject

The technology that supplies solar energy has changed significantly improved. This allows for all sorts of projects anywhere on the World. Nowadays, solar-powered street lighting can be quick and easy be installed, thus providing one with less maintenance, years of trusting use.

Strahl LED Series can be used widely from :
– Family, school, commercial, tower, factory, production line, office, showing room
– Supermarket, meeting room, exhibition hall
– Hotel and household decoration
– Especially for galleries and court yard.
– They are also suitable for window display in fashion shop, fashion show, notebook and PC shop.
– Ideal for street lighting on urban streets,sidewalks, residential areas, industrial parks, squares, parks, schools and garden etc.

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