Newly established in 2010, Faidhi Systema Solusindo (fasyndo) is a company with strong specialization in reducing energy consumption of lighting and renewable energy application. Fasyndo is founded by combining the knowledge and the beauty of illumination with the expertise of their executives in sales and engineering.

With its executives’ experience, fasyndo has significantly increase its concern of energy efficient product of lighting so that the customers, at the same time, will save their energy cost and enjoy the full benefits.

Known for its innovation of energy solution has made fasyndo as a rookie in this segment. Add to this, the extensive reach through its executives network will extend the presence of fasyndo as a realiable provider of energy efficient products and services of lighting. This combination of domain expertise, product range from our partners, reach and ears on ground, helped fasyndo to spread out its business across major cities in Indonesia. Fasyndo also plans to have some online and onsite customer support in order to ensure that our customers will have an impeccable experience.

Vision :
Enabling applications of Solid State Lighting and Renewable Energy technology by offering expertise, complete system solution and sustainable supply.

Mission :
The Leader of Solid State Lighting and Renewable Energy solutions provider in the market.

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